Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

We moved out to the country as a large family after 20 years in the City.  This property called to us, and we fell in love, and moved in a heartbeat.  We lost a beloved son, in 2011, to a senseless crime, that no amount of justice will bring him back.  We have moved along broken, and hurt for years, trying to heal.

This move has been a renewed starting point.  And the animals, that has been a no-brainer.  They have needed us, the same as we have needed them.  First were the horses, rescued from the Kill-Pens, to keep them from being shipped to slaughter.

And then the goats, and sheep, ducks and chickens. Additions to our family from others who wanted to know we would take care of them as family, not food. We have taken in llamas, a mini donkey, and now birds, including a cockatoo and a few parrots, all who needed a new home.

We make sure that we can provide the care the animals need and deserve as the decision to take them in.

Many of these are bottle babies and have been raised just after birth inside our home.  They come to us just as any companion animal would for affection, no matter what their size is now.

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