Goats & Sheeps

Goats & Sheeps

Goats & Sheeps
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We have goats & sheep of all ages, from just weaned to several years old. Just ask, and we will let you know specific information on each one. The breeds vary, and so do genders.  

Older goats and sheep are usually NOT available for adoption because surrendered goats and sheep are promised a lifelong stay at the ranch, and here is where they will stay!!!

Here our babies stay with their moms until weaned from nursing. Even if we have a bottle baby, we will not let them go until they are eating solid food. Goats do better in pairs, so please consider adopting 2 or having or getting another for companionship.

Animals Listed Here are Available for Adoption! We take applications and we must review your home to make sure you live in an area where the animal is allowed, and you have the ability to care for the animal for the remainder of their life as a pet and family member. We need personal and veterinary references.

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We're here not only to help lovely animals but you as well! Let us what you have in mind by leaving a message and we'll be glad to contact you back.

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