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The ranch ALWAYS has pigs and sometimes piglets. Pig "surrender" is an epidemic. Unfortunately, 95% of all Pigs are re-homed during their life. They can have a 20-plus-year life span and they do form strong bonds with their human companions. Pigs are among the 5th smartest animals in the world. They have wonderful personalities, and they can be trained and be a truly devoted friend for life. When they are taken from their home, they can suffer from depression.

We try to get pigs into a new home that will be long term and a good fit for the applicant family. PLEASE do your research on the commitment it takes to raise a pig.  

Animals Listed Here are Available for Adoption! We take applications and we must review your home to make sure you live in an area where the animal is allowed, and you have the ability to care for the animal for the remainder of their life as a pet and family member. We need personal and veterinary references.

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